Last Thursday, Business N Beer returned to Tortilla Cantina, a taco bistro with up to 40 beers on tap. When you sell a lot of local brews, sometimes keeping them all stocked can be a task, but they always seem to have at least 25 available and that is a pretty good selection to be able to choose from. They have daily beer specials, that make it a logical choice for a good beer and some tacos. Anyway, we had a good turnout with about 15 people coming out; with almost half of them being people we have not seen in a while. One of the nice things about Business & Beer is that whenever you have time to join us, we are glad to have you.

Business N Beer toast

A toast to doing business

This Thursday is Valentine’s Day and since we know not everyone is able to bring their significant other to our gatherings, even though they are more than welcome, we will not be having a Business & Beer this week. We will return to our weekly rotation on Thursday, February 21 at the Brewery at Abigaile, in Hermosa Beach. This is currently the only brewpub in our rotation and they truly set the bar when it comes to brewpubs; and I have visited more than a few. If you like good beer and good food, you will enjoy this location. If you have already been, you know what you are in for.

Business & Beer attendees

A good night of networking and beer

We are still working on some special events and there will be a couple Thursdays that we will not meet due to other commitments, so stay in the loop by signing up to our mailing list and Like Us on Facebook. You can find all the photos from our Tortilla Cantina gathering on

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