Please join us for Business & Beer a small business networking event which will be held at Brewco Manhattan Beach on January 24, 2013 at 6 PM. Brewco Manhattan Beach is located at 124 Manhattan Beach Boulevard  Manhattan Beach, California. Please RSVP by commenting below that you will be there or add yourself as going through our Facebook Page for Business & Beer.

Logo for Brewco in Manhattan Beach, California

Join us at Brewco Manhattan Beach at 6 PM on January 24, 2013

Please join us for Business & Beer a small business networking event which will be held at 1321 Downtown Taproom Bistro on December 27, 2012 at 6 PM. 1321 Downtown Taproom Bistro is located at 1321 Sartori Avenue Torrance, California. Please RSVP by commenting below that you will be there or let us know on our Business N Beer Facebook page.

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Join us at 1321 Downtown Taproom at 6 PM on December 27th, 2012


Please join us for Business & Beer a small business networking event which will be held at The Rockefeller on October 4, 2012 at 6 PM. The Rockefeller is located at 422 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, California. Please RSVP by commenting below that you will be there.

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Join us at The Rockefeller at 6 PM on October 4, 2012

We had our eighth Business & Beer last Thursday at Sophie’s Place in the Riviera Village in Redondo Beach. Sophie’s Place is one of, if not the best gastropub in Redondo Beach. We went there for the first time in July but feel like we have been coming for years because of how welcomed we always feel. They have a nice menu and eight rotating taps that always keeps the beer selection interesting.

We had another nice group of close to 15 people, with one or two couples attending and we had at least one newcomer from Keeping it Local. I am pretty sure we will see him back as supporting local business is what we are all about. As I looked around the room Thursday and through the photos this morning I was pleased to notice that everyone seems to be enjoying the conversation; whether it be about business, beer or just being social.

Sophie's Place staff

Our hosts, Keon, Jessica and Bobby

Next week, Business & Beer will return to Monkish Brewing in Torrance. So far, Monkish Brewing holds the record for the largest Business & Beer event we have had yet.They do not serve food, so that is really saying something. If you want to bring food in, you are welcome to. For the first timers, Monkish is located in an industrial park on Western, just south of Del Amo. You can only enter from the southbound lanes, and it is the second driveway, right after the hamburger joint. Just turn in and head towards the back, you can not miss us. We will be in the back by the brewing equipment.

Business N Beer regulars

Business & Beer welcomed to Sophie’s Place

We thank everyone for their support thus far and hope that you will Like our Facebook page and sign up for our mailing list so you can keep aware of our schedule. If you know of any gastropubs in the South Bay that we should consider, please visit our Add Your Location page. You can find all the photos from Thursday’s event at Sophie’s Place on

Week seven of Business N Beer was held at the Alpine Inn at Alpine Village, located in Torrance, CA. While the Alpine Inn does not exactly fall under the description of micro brewery, brewpub or gastropub, the Alpine Inn is a specialty restaurant, serving German food, and they have about 15 beers on tap so we decided to give them a try for the Business N Beer circuit. As our attendance was about double of the previous week, I think the addition of specialty restaurants that provide a wide variety of beers on tap is probably a good move.

Alpine Inn Mgmt

Jon, Otto and Todd, our hosts

Attendees included several regulars, one or two occasional attendees and a couple new visitors. As it turned out, Alpine Inn was providing musical entertainment in the form of not one but three different rock/reggae/punk bands. We had arrived early and I saw the band setting up so I asked one of the members what time they started playing. He told me they started between 8-8:30 so I figured this would not be an issue. What I did not realize is that he was in the third of the three bands. While the music was entertaining and I could see several of our group were getting into it, it did make it a little difficult with each other. As a result, I was unable to really talk to the new people; I hope they had a good time and will return.

As I noted above, our attendance is back up after low numbers at El Segundo Brewing Company, and this has caused me to come to a few conclusions. The first is that we have definitely found our boundaries as far as geographical locations are concerned. El Segundo is as far north as we will want to go; and Alpine Village is as far south as we will venture. Freeway close is not that close at 6:00 PM on a weekday. Continue reading