Last week the Business and Beer networking group returned to the Hermosa Beach gastropub; The Rockefeller. This was the second week that we utilized and it is becoming apparent that this is giving us some additional reach. We normally arrive at our meeting location about a half hour ahead of time so we can get set up and maybe eat before everyone arrives. When we got to The Rockefeller this time there were already five or six people waiting for us! It was going to be a good turnout.

The Rockefeller gastropub

The Rockefeller gastropub, Hermosa Beach

As it turned out, this initial group was the result of a Business & Beer members Phil and Deborah meeting one person and talking about our networking group. That one conversation resulted in five new attendees. In addition, Meetup did provide three new attendees, so combined with the regulars that showed up we had a large group with a majority of the attendees being first timers. They seemed to have a good time so I suspect they will return. That is how we grow; if you know someone that might find value in networking with our group, please invite them. You do not need special permission and we do not need notice ahead of time; just show up.

BusinessNBeer group

A nice Business & Beer group at The Rockefeller

This week, March 14, Business & Beer will return to 1321 Downtown Taproom Bistro in downtown Torrance. 1321 Taproom has redesigned their food menu and is improving their beer program, so we are happy to add them to our rotation. For those that have yet to try any brews from the South Bay’s latest microbrewery, The Dudes’ Brewing Company, I have reason to believe they will have a few taps available there. I hope you can join us. All the photos from our gathering at The Rockefeller can be found on

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