Last week, Business & Beer returned to our favorite Hermosa Beach gastropub, The Rockefeller. If I have ever had any concerns about whether or not Business & Beer was going to grow and become a successful networking event, they were completely eliminated last Thursday. We knew ahead of time that there were several of our regular attendees that had prior engagements; and right before we left for Hermosa Beach I received a phone call informing me that two others would not be able to make it. Every week, while driving to the location for our gathering, we ask each other how many people we think might attend. After all, we want to give our hosts and servers an idea of what to expect. Our smallest groups have had eight attendees; our largest about 20. I said I hoped for 10 attendees, with a new face or two and perhaps a second time visitor. I never really got a chance to get an accurate count, but we had close to 25 with 7-8 (maybe more) first timers and a couple second time attendees. It was great. People are telling their friends, and they are showing up ready to network and have fun.

Business & Beer attendees

Ready for Business & Beer

Our next event will be 6:00 PM Thursday, October 11 at Sophie’s Place in the Riviera Village section of Redondo Beach. If you have not joined us there yet, Sophie’s Place is a great little gastropub with a fine food menu, eight craft beers on rotating taps and about 50 different beers available in bottles. We first learned of Sophie’s Place back in May and it quickly became one of our favorite destinations. I am confident you will enjoy it as well. Be sure to bring your business cards, because people are there to do business as well as enjoy themselves.

Raffle winner

Mike wins for a second time!

I want to take this time to mention a couple things. First, please feel free to bring your significant other; they can sit with us too. This is a social event. Having spent 10 years doing trade shows I learned that this is how the real business gets done; you meet, become friends and work together. Secondly, please feel free to invite your friends. They do not need a special invitation or permission. Anyone that finds networking an important tool in their business is welcome to attend. Even if you can not make it, they are welcome to join us. Just look for our Business & Beer signs and introduce themselves; that is all it takes. Please “Like” us on Facebook and get on our mailing list so you are kept in the loop. Our schedule is on the front page and updated as we set up the dates. All the Business & Beer at The Rockefeller photos can be found on

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