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The Dudes’ open their doors to Business & Beer

The August 14 meeting of Business & Beer was held at The Dudes’ Brewing Company in Torrance, and if you picked this month to miss attending you missed a great networking event.

The Dudes’ tasting room is not yet open to the public, but they were kind enough to open their doors to Business & Beer and we responded by having about 30 people come on out with a great mix of regular attendees and first timers. Head Sales Dude, Scott Shaw kept busy pouring [free] beer, handing out pizza and answering questions about the brewery; Assistant Brewer Rich Madden gave a tour of the facility to those that were interested. If you have even been in their brewery you know that it is significantly bigger and different than the others in the South Bay area.

As an extra treat, as if free beer and pizza was not enough, all attendees were able to take their Dudes’ glassware home and free tickets to the opening night of the upcoming Oktoberfest at Alpine Village were given out. It really was a fun night for everyone that came out and we were glad that so many could make it out.

Free beer winner

Bring your business cards and win a free beer

The September gathering of Business & Beer will be held at The Brewery at Abigaile, a brewpub located in Hermosa Beach. If you have yet to visit The Brewery at Abigaile you owe it to yourself to check them out. Their foods pair well with the beers brewed by Brian Brewer and it is always a good time. Be sure to bring your business cards as there is always potential business to be done and you might even win a free beer. We will be meeting Thursday, September 11 at 6:00 PM. We hope you can make it. Just an FYI, Abigaile does have free underground parking if you can’t find a spot on the street.

In closing, there are a couple events coming up. Friday, September 12 is opening day for Oktoberfest at Alpine Village; I may have a few free tickets available at Abigaile. On Sunday the 14th, Rock & Brews El Segundo is having their 4th Annual Local Craft Beer Fest. You can save $10 by using Promo Code: BEERFEST2014; details can be found at

You can find all the photos from Business & Beer at The Dudes’ Brewing Company on Cheers!

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