Last week, Business & Beer returned to the one brewpub in the South Bay that we include in our weekly rotation, The Brewery at Abigale. The Brewery at Abigaile, located in Hermosa Beach, is a great example of what a brewpub should be; excellent foods that compliment the wide variety of beers brewed on-site. This was our first Business & Beer gathering in the Lenten season, so I am not sure how much effect that had on our turnout, which was lower than expected. I did notice that the overall business at Abigaile seemed to be lower than normal, so perhaps Lent is something we will have to account for in our anticipated number of attendees. Luckily, we will not let a little thing like fewer people attending stop us from doing business and enjoying a beer or two.

001 DIPA and Bourbon Vanilla Porter

Ready for Business & Beer

This week, Business & Beer will return to Strand Brewing Company in Torrance. For those that have yet to come to Strand Brewing Co, it is a microbrewery that specializes in ales; featuring their Beach House Amber, 24th Street Pale Ale and Atticus IPA as being some of their more popular offerings. Since it is a microbrewery, they do not sell food but you are welcome to bring food in. We usually have a couple pizzas there to help soak up the beer. There is plenty of street parking and we are requested to park in the street as opposed to the limited parking lot.

Business & Beer toast

A toast to our host

Business & Beer is a networking group that meets every Thursday at a microbrewery, brewpub or gastropub in the South Bay. Our boundaries are El Segundo Brewing Company to the north and the Alpine Inn in Torrance to the south. Our attendees consist of business owners or employees whose job description includes networking and fans of American craft beer. We have no rules, dues or mandatory meetings. Just show up when you can, this is your invitation. You can find our schedule of upcoming events on the front page of where you can also signup for our mailing list. You can also Like Us on Facebook to help ensure you are kept aware of upcoming events. You can find all the photos from our last gathering at Abigaile on

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