White Sand and Second Sleep

Exciting new tastes at Strand Brewing Company

Last Thursday, Business & Beer returned to one of our favorite microbreweries in the BusinessNBeer rotation; Strand Brewing Company, in Torrance. It had only been about two months since the last time we met at Strand Brewing Company, but there have been some big changes there; with several new brews available and a good number of their beers now available in bottles as well as with growlers. We had a pretty good turnout, with a couple returnees that have not been around in a while as well as a new guest or two showing up. Unfortunately, our Meetup group is not really having any benefit at this point, so we are going to let it expire. If you want to be kept in the loop, you will need to either get on the BusinessNBeer mailing list (Subscribe to our mailing list on the top right of any page) or Like Us on Facebook.

Networkers at Strand Brewing Co

Business & Beer networkers

This week, May 2, we will return to Tortilla Cantina in Old Torrance. Tortilla Cantina is a taco bistro that offers between 25 and 40 beers on tap, with several taps dedicated to our local microbreweries. Since it is Torrance, there is plenty of free parking. If you cannot find parking on the street, there is a multilevel parking structure just south of Tortilla Cantina.

The days are getting longer, so our groups will be getting a larger. Grab some business cards and come join us for some networking and good beer. You can find all the photos from our Business & Beer at Strand Brewing Company on GotBaddog.com.

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