Our fourth Business N Beer gathering was held August 2 at Strand Brewing Company in Torrance. Coincidentally, it was also International IPA Day, so it was pretty appropriate that we met at Strand Brewing as they have a couple really nice IPA’s in their Atticus and Black IPA. Our group may have had a few less people than last week, but again it consisted of people that had shown up for one of our previous events and several newcomers. In addition, we had a few people wander over from the main tasting room to ask what Business N Beer was all about. It seems most people really like the idea and it shows with all the new faces we are seeing.

Business N Beer at Strand Brewing

International IPA Day at Strand Brewing

We would like to thank our host, Rich Marcello and Strand Brewing Company for having us, and special thanks to Phil and Debbie Walls for the pizza. Congratulations to Tim Thompson for winning the door prize this week, a free craft beer at one of our future events. Speaking of future events, our next event will be held at The Rockefeller in Hermosa Beach. The Rockefeller is a gastropub with 24 craft beers on tap. They also have some specials that will coincide with our event so I can assure you this will be a fun night. Bring a date and stay a while.

Todd, Tanya and Rich

Todd Whorley, Tanya Martin, Rich Marcello

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