Last Thursday, Business & Beer returned to Sophie’s Place, a gastropub in Redondo Beach, CA. Ever since the end of Daylight Savings Time, the attendance level at our gatherings had been less than stellar. There were times that Tanya and I would discuss whether or not we were being too ambitious in attempting to have weekly gatherings; after the nice turnout we had Thursday we decided that weekly meetups was a format we would continue with. We know that there are other events our members are involved with that occur on Thursdays, so some weeks are just naturally going to have better turnouts than others. We will just have to take into account things like weather, Christmas shopping and competing events. After all, if we decided to meet bi-weekly we would only risk picking the rotation that would always be a conflict with Business & Beer, so for the time being, we will continue to meet weekly.

Sophie's Flight

8 Rotating Taps at Sophie’s Place

Tomorrow night, Thursday December 20, we will be returning to Strand Brewing Company, one of our favorite microbreweries in Torrance. Strand Brewing specializes in creating various ales; including their popular 24th Street Pale Ale and Atticus IPA. If you have not visited Strand Brewing lately, they have two new releases; Bagheera-East India Pale Ale and Black Sand Double IPA. Bagheera-East is their 3rd Anniversary Ale, featuring an exotic spice blend of curry, cumin, cinnamon and cloves accented with toasted coconut and tamarind. I would venture to say that this is Tanya’s favorite from Strand because it is not as hoppy as their typical brews. The Black Sand Double IPA is hoppy but balanced by a malty backbone. It reminds me a little of a half and half using an Atticus and Batch 100. Suffice it to say, Strand Brewing Co will have something you like; especially if you are a hophead.

Business & Beer at Sophie's Place

Another good group at Sophie’s Place, Redondo Beach

Naturally, this will be our last gathering before Christmas and I know there are some that will be unavailable, but we always seem to get nice groups when we come to Strand Brewing, so come on down and have a beer and maybe do some business. Remember to sign up for our mailing list and Like us on Facebook to make sure you stay in the loop. I expect 2013 to have several special events for Business & Beer attendees. You can see all the photos from our visit to Sophie’s Place on

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