Last week, Business & Beer returned to Sophie’s Place in Redondo Beach, and this time we brought our Meetup group with us. It was a nice turnout with almost half of the attendees coming directly as a result of our becoming involved with While the group was a little smaller than anticipated, it gave the Business & Beer regulars an opportunity to interact and network with our new attendees.

Business & Beer at Sophie's Place

Networking at Sophie’s Place with Meetup

This Thursday, April 17, Business & Beer will return to Monkish Brewing Company in Torrance. It has been three months since we have met at Monkish, and a lot has changed over there. As always, Henry has a few new brews available and they have been doing a lot of remodeling; so if you have not visited Monkish Brewing in a while, you are going to be pleasantly surprised. For those of you that have yet to visit Monkish, they are a microbrewery that specializes in Belgian ales. If you are one of those that do not like real hoppy beers, you will probably enjoy Monkish Brewing’s offering. I suggest buying a flight so you can decide which of their beers you prefer.

Tommy wins a free beer

Tommy wins a free beer from Business & Beer

If business networking is part of your job description and you live or work in the South Bay, you should check out Business & Beer. We are the business networking group that has no rules, no dues and meets after normal work hours, so we encourage you to bring your significant other if so inclined. Every Thursday at 6:00 PM we meet at a different microbrewery, brewpub or gastropub in the South Bay area. You can sign up to our mailing list, which is on the upper right hand side of the page; or you can follow us on Meetup or Facebook. We hope you will join us; it is a good group with nice people all eager to do business and have a couple beers. All the photos from our event at Sophie’s Place can be found on

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