Brewery tour at Smog City Brewing

Chris Walowski gives a personal tour to Business & Beer

Business & Beer welcomed 2015 at the tasting room of Torrance craft brewery, Smog City Brewing Company. We had a nice turnout with a mixture of regulars and newcomers. A couple weeks ago, Smog City provided us with some spent grain and Tanya used it to create some tasty grain crackers and peanut butter cookies; the cookies were perfect with their Coffee Porter. Assistant Brewer Chris Walowski gave us a tour of the production brewery operations and answered any questions. All in all, it was a nice evening of networking and drinking good craft beer with friends.
lagering tanks

Lagering tanks

Our February meeting of Business & Beer will be held Thursday, February 12 at El Segundo Brewing Company. We are scheduled to be there from 6:00-8:00 PM but sometimes stay a little longer. If you have not been to El Segundo Brewing lately, they have really expanded their menu and have plenty of delicious options for those that are not into the “in your face” hoppiness many of us look forward to. Besides the Station No.1 and Hyperion’s Stout, they now have a pilsner! For the hopheads in the group, their Power Plant TIPA (yeah, triple IPA) will be on tap by then so come early and stay late; I am sure I will.

As a side note; this coming Saturday, January 31, our sponsor Craft Beer Guy is hosting the Super Bowl Warmup Brewery Walk. Since there are numerous breweries in the South Bay that really are within walking distance, it was decided to organize a series of walks between breweries that are easy to do. The walk on Saturday will begin at Smog City; after a beer we will walk to Monkish Brewing. After a beer we will walk to The Dudes’. The round trip distance is 1.2 miles and is less than a half hour of easy walking on the entire walk. The following weekend we will do the same walk on Sunday. If people join and enjoy it, we will expand to additional breweries. You can drink beer and stay in good health. If you want to join the fun, show up at Smog City Brewing by 12:30 PM on Saturday. We hope you can join us.

You can find all the photos from Business & Beer at Smog City Brewing Company on Please do not forget that everyone is welcome to join us at Business & Beer, no special invitations are required; there are no dues and no rules. Just bring your business cards and speaking voice because people will want to talk to you. If you are a first timer or it has been a while, please come up and say hello. I have learned of people that came but stayed on the edges. We want you to join in with us; please do not be shy. Cheers!

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