Last Thursday, November 8, Business & Beer returned to Monkish Brewing Company; a microbrewery in Torrance that specializes in Belgian style ales. This was our third visit to Monkish and we had a little under 15 attendees this time, but the weather had been wet and it was kind of chilly so all things considered, it was a pretty nice turnout. We had at least one first timer and we are definitely forming a group of regulars. I know a few of the regulars are doing business as a direct result of Business & Beer, so if you only came a couple times and did not really get a chance to network, give us a chance. These things rarely show results overnight, but I have been going to industry trade shows regularly since 2003 and I can assure you that the real business gets done after the show, over a drink. You develop relationships and when the need arises, you have a great chance of being the first person called.

Monkish Brewing, Torrance

Monkish Brewing Belgian Ales

This Thursday, November 15, Business & Beer will be returning to Hermosa Beach and The Brewery at Abigaile; in my opinion, the best brewpub in the South Bay. We always have a large number of people show up when we have come to Abigaile, so if you have not tried Abigaile or Business & Beer this will be a great experience for you. We were there last week and I noticed that brewmaster Brian Brewer had some new brews coming, so those of us that enjoy The Brewery’s brews should really enjoy this. Those that have eaten at Abigaile can attest to the tasty treats that come out of Chef Tin’s kitchen. This will be our last meeting until after Thanksgiving, so come on down and join the crowd; be sure to bring your business cards.

Business & Beer Attendees

Business & Beer at Monkish Brewing, Torrance

I mentioned above that our regular attendees are seeing benefits in the way of additional business and that the more often you attend, the more likely you are to be remembered. We are now offering another way you can be remembered, and that that is by buying a small ad spot on Not only does this provide other Business & Beer attendees to find you, but it is a nice incoming link to your website. We will even help you pick the right keywords to use for your anchor text. If you are not sure what that means, feel free to talk to me about it at your next Business & Beer.

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