The Business & Beer networking group held their June gathering at Monkish Brewing Company’s tasting room in Torrance. Graduations and out of town vacationing resulted in a lower than expected turnout; but on the plus side, most of the attendees were first time visitors to Monkish Brewing which fulfills one of the Business & Beer goals which is to introduce our members to each other and possibly a local craft brewery.

On July 14 Business & Beer will celebrate four year of networking over locally produced craft beers at Smog City Brewing. I have to admit, it really does not seem that long ago, but I cannot help but recall that in 2012 we only had four tasting rooms in our rotation. Back then we spent as much time at gastropubs as we did at breweries. As the years passed, more and more breweries came to the South Bay, so we stopped visiting gastropubs and went to a monthly format of breweries and brewpubs only. Today we have 11 breweries and brewpubs in the Business & Beer rotation, with a couple more locations planning on opening in Torrance within the next year.

Remember, if networking is an important part of your business plan, you like to support local businesses and enjoy craft beer, you should stop by a Business & Beer meetup. No invitation needed, just look at our upcoming schedule and come on down. If you want to stay current, you can sign up to our mailing list (on the right) and you can Like Us on Facebook.

Smog City Brewing is located at 1901 Del Amo in Torrance and we will meet from 6:00-8:00 PM. You can see the photos from Business & Beer at Monkish Brewing on Cheers!

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