KHBC brewing equipment

Ready to brew for you at King Harbor Brewing Company

The February 13 gathering of the Business & Beer networking group was held at the first production brewery in Redondo Beach history, King Harbor Brewing Company (KHBC). We have been closely monitoring the growth of King Harbor Brewing since the day their notice of intent to sell alcohol sign was posted on the door and have become friends with the three principles, co-owners Tom Dunbabin and Will Daines, and brewer Philip McDaniel. As they prepared for their grand opening we were honored to hold our February meeting there and act as a soft open for them.

King Harbor provided two versions of each of their two flagship beers, The Quest Pale Ale with their Pineapple Quest Pale Ale; and Abel Brown Brown Ale with Vanilla Abel Brown Ale. As a special treat, Tanya prepared a wide variety of baked goods and mustards all of which were prepared using spent grains provided by King Harbor. We had a pretty large group of people show up but because of the setup people seemed to come and go for a few hours. The gathering was probably more informal than usual but everyone I spoke to had a good time and enjoyed being among the first to try King Harbor’s fine brews. I know King Harbor was quite happy with the turnout. The Quest

The March gathering of Business & Beer will be held at the newest production brewery in Torrance, Absolution Brewing Company on March 13 at 6:00 PM. Absolution is another brewery that we have been watching grow for the last several months. For a brand new production brewery, they have a very wide variety of beers available; from pale ales to stouts with a couple sodas for good measure. Absolution Brewing Company is located at 2878 Columbia Street in Torrance off Maple Avenue between Torrance Boulevard and Del Amo. You can get all the details on our front page or on our Facebook page. We hope you can make it. If you would like to see all the photos from Business & Beer at King Harbor Brewing Company, please visit

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