Thursday, July 19 was our second Business N Beer meet-up, and the first of the brewpubs we will visit. The Brewery at Abigaile in Hermosa Beach not only brews five or more different beers, they also serve craft beers from micro breweries around the world. On top of that they have a very nice food menu and their chef always has something interesting going on. Every visit to Abigaile has been a very pleasant experience.

Flight from the Brewery at Abigaile

Abigaile Flight

Brewmaster, Brian Brewer hung around and spoke to the group about brewing and hops and beer in general; everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Last week we had 10 people show up for our first Business N Beer, and last night we had 13 people show up. The interesting this is that it was a different group of people so I am confident as the weeks go on, everyone will have an opportunity to not only experience some great local craft beers, but they will meet new people that they can possibly do some business with while enjoying a nice beer.

Brian Brewer and Business N Beer

Brewmaster, Brian Brewer with Business N Beer

Our next event will be held July 26 at Monkish Brewing in Torrance. Please refer to our schedule on the front page or our Facebook page for more details. You can see all the photos from Business N Beer at Abigaile on

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