Thursday, January 3 Business & Beer met at Alpine Inn at Alpine Village in Torrance for the first meetup of 2013. Since it was just two days after New Year’s Day, we were not really sure what kind of turnout we would have, but it turned out we had nothing to worry about. We had a nice group of about 15 people eager to meet up with friends, drink some beer, eat some food and do a little business. Since attendance had been low in the weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday season, it has been reassuring to see double digit attendance at both gatherings we have had since Christmas. I am in the process of setting up some special events in the upcoming months, so 2013 should be interesting and will determine whether or not Business & Beer will continue.

Beer menu

Beer Menu at Alpine Inn

Next week, Business & Beer will return to one of my favorite microbreweries in the South Bay, El Segundo Brewing Company in El Segundo. While El Segundo Brewing is probably best known for their Citra Pale Ale and White Dog IPA, they have been expanding their selection with a new Standard Crude American Imperial Stout to go along with their Hyperion Stout. It makes for a varied selection of locally brewed beers to satisfy any palate. As they are located in El Segundo, parking is free. If you do not find street parking, there is a public parking lot across the street.

Business & Beer at Alpine Inn

Business & Beer at Alpine Inn

If you work in the South Bay area and networking is one of your job duties, you can take the “work” out of the job and join us on Thursday evenings at 6:00 PM at one of our Business & Beer gatherings. Every week we meet at a microbrewery, brewpub or gastropub in the South Bay to network and enjoy some American craft beers. We are all about supporting local brewers and local business, so if this fits your mindset and you enjoy discovering new brews, come on down. We have no rules, no mandatory meetings and no dues. Just come down and have a good time. Sign up to our mailing list, found on every page, or Like Us on Facebook to make sure where we will be next. You will not regret it.

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