Absolution Brewing Company

Torrance’s newest production brewery

The March gathering of the Business & Beer networking group was held at the latest production brewery to open in Torrance, Absolution Brewing Company (ABC). As ABC officially opened a mere two weeks before our event, this was the first opportunity for many of the Business & Beer attendees to sample the beers being produced by them. Tanya had obtained some spent grains from them ahead of time which she dehydrated and turned into flour which was used in the baking of the treats she provided to attendees and other Absolution Brewing customers. We had a nice group show up for Business & Beer and they all seemed to enjoy the beer, networking and treats that were available. Head Brewer Wes McCain took time from his busy brewing schedule to give us a “tour” of the brew house and to tell us about ABC’s future plans. I think it is safe to say that Absolution will be around for a long while and I cannot wait to see what happens with their future brews.

Three Absolution Brewing beers

A wide range of beers to choose from

Our April gathering of Business & Beer will be held April 10, 2014 at Monkish Brewing Company. There are a couple reasons that we chose Monkish Brewing, not the least of which is the beer. We have not brought the group to Monkish in six months and if that was the last time you went there, you really should come out. Henry has been turning out even more amazing brews and has started bottling some of them. Many, if not all, of them are great for aging. The range of Belgian-styled brews includes light blondes, a couple hoppy pale ales, dubbels, tripels, quads and more. They have really expanded their tap list and it can be tough to choose what to get. The other reason we picked them is that Tanya wanted food, and Monkish always has a food truck on Thursdays. On April 10 they will have Vella Pizza; they have a mobile brick oven and prepare your pizza on the spot. I have heard that if you have vegetables you grow and want to have some on your pizza, they are more than willing to add your produce.

Since we changed to the monthly format we seem to continue to have larger groups. If you have not been in a while you should consider stopping by and meeting the new faces. Remember, this is an open event; you do not need a special invitation to bring co-workers, friends or significant others. We look forward to seeing you. If you want to see all the photos of Business & Beer at Absolution Brewing Company, please visit CraftBeerGuy.com. Cheers!

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