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The Business & Beer networking group held their last gathering for 2013 on December 12 at Strand Brewing Company in Torrance. Even though it was a rather chilly evening and I know some of our regular attendees were dealing with Christmas shopping and other events around town, we had a very respectable turnout consisting of regular attendees, part-time attendees and even some first timers. It is nice to look around and see that virtually everyone is conversing with someone and potential business is being done. If nothing else, relationships are being built and personal relationships are the best way to build business relationships. Thank you again to Strand Brewing Company for hosting four Business & Beers in 2013; we do appreciate your support and the great ales you brew. We look forward to visiting again in 2014.
Attendees at Business & Beer

Enjoying Business & Beer at Strand Brewing Company

Speaking of 2014, our first Business & Beer of the year will be held at The Brewery at Abigaile, a brewpub in Hermosa Beach. The Brewery at Abigaile is currently the only brewpub that we visit in the Business & Beer rotation and I personally feel they set the bar at what a brewpub should be with high quality food to compliment the high quality beers that are brewed onsite. As we will be expanding the number of locations we will visit in 2014, most of the tasting rooms and brewpubs will only be visited once a year; so do not miss out. If you have been to Abigaile before, you know what I am talking about; if you have yet to visit The Brewery at Abigaile, come on down. You can do some business while tasting great food and very good beers; and you can write it off on your taxes as a business expense. You can get all the details for this networking event at Continue reading

Please join us for Business & Beer a small business networking event which will be held at Monkish Brewing Co. on October 10, 2013 at 6 PM. Monkish Brewing Co. is located at 20311 South Western Avenue Torrance, California. Please RSVP by commenting below that you will be there.


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Join us at Monkish Brewing Co at 6 PM on October 10, 2013

White Sand and Second Sleep

Exciting new tastes at Strand Brewing Company

Last Thursday, Business & Beer returned to one of our favorite microbreweries in the BusinessNBeer rotation; Strand Brewing Company, in Torrance. It had only been about two months since the last time we met at Strand Brewing Company, but there have been some big changes there; with several new brews available and a good number of their beers now available in bottles as well as with growlers. We had a pretty good turnout, with a couple returnees that have not been around in a while as well as a new guest or two showing up. Unfortunately, our Meetup group is not really having any benefit at this point, so we are going to let it expire. If you want to be kept in the loop, you will need to either get on the BusinessNBeer mailing list (Subscribe to our mailing list on the top right of any page) or Like Us on Facebook.

Networkers at Strand Brewing Co

Business & Beer networkers

This week, May 2, we will return to Tortilla Cantina in Old Torrance. Tortilla Cantina is a taco bistro that offers between 25 and 40 beers on tap, with several taps dedicated to our local microbreweries. Since it is Torrance, there is plenty of free parking. If you cannot find parking on the street, there is a multilevel parking structure just south of Tortilla Cantina.

The days are getting longer, so our groups will be getting a larger. Grab some business cards and come join us for some networking and good beer. You can find all the photos from our Business & Beer at Strand Brewing Company on

Business & Beer returned to El Segundo Brewing Company last Thursday for another business networking event. El Segundo Brewing Company (ESBC) is a microbrewery that specializes in ales, with a few amazing IPA’s (Two 5 Left, White Dog and Blue House) and a couple nice stouts. They have recently started bottling, so their growth is showing.

ESBC Beer Menu

Lots to choose from at El Segundo Brewing Company

El Segundo Brewing Company is at the northern most limits of the location we visit, so I was interested in seeing if using was going to do anything as far as raising out attendance levels; it did not. We still had a nice size group of about 10 show up, among them being a first timer and a few that are becoming regular attendees. I could see that there was a lot of networking going on and I am noticing that our group is not hesitant to talk to others that ask what is going on. For those that showed up, ESBC offered some discounts on pints and flights so in addition to business networking and good beer, we got the beer at a really good rate. Travis and Brett of ESBC

There will be no Business & Beer this week as we have a trade show to attend, however, we will resume with our gatherings on April 11 at Sophie’s Place in Redondo Beach. We are planning something a little special, so if you need any incentive to finally come out and see what the fuss is about, that might be a good event to attend. You will find all the photos from our networking event at ESBC on

Rich pouring a stout Thursday, February 28 marked the fifth time that Business & Beer has met at Strand Brewing Company in Torrance, and once again we had an outstanding turnout. I do not know what it is, but it seems every time we return to Strand, people that we have not seen in a while show up; must be the fresh beers. Thursday we had a nice mix of regulars and people that are starting to show up more frequently. Of course, our host Rich Marcello, co-owner of Strand Brewing Co, never hesitates to send friends of his over to meet our group when he knows they are small business owners; we really appreciate it.

Our next Business & Beer will be held Thursday, March 7 at the Alpine Inn at Alpine Village in Torrance, CA. The Alpine Inn is a German gastropub that has a nice selection of European beer on tap; but they also have a very nice cache of hard to find American craft beer on tap available. They also have a nice food menu consisting primarily of German dishes. At the last minute we decided to try out Meetup, however, we were not aware that there was some delay in getting approval to be in their system. There is a chance that Meetup will announce our meeting in time for a few new faces to show up. We hope to see you there. business n beer at strand brewing

A few days ago I had someone ask what they had to do if they wanted to bring a couple friends next week; I want to be sure everyone is familiar with the process so there is no confusion. If you know someone that you feel would benefit from coming to one of our gatherings, just tell them to be there at 6:00-7:30 and look for the Business & Beer signs on the table. They should then introduce themselves and order a beer. That is it. We encourage you to tell your friends about us. You can tell them the schedule is on the front page of this website or suggest they get on our mailing list so they know whenever a new event is added to the schedule. They can also Like Us on Facebook so they always know what is going on. You can find all the photos from our gathering at Strand Brewing Company on