On June 13, Business & Beer returned to 1321 Downtown Taproom Bistro, a gastropub located in old Torrance. It was another smaller than expected/desired turnout, but there is a lot of things going on this time of year with graduations and some people traveling. Even though there were just a few of us, we had a good time and enjoyed conversing along with the food and craft beers. Thanks you to the staff of “The Taproom” for hosting our event.

Thursday June 20 we will bring Business & Beer back to Sophie’s Place, a gastropub located in the Riviera Village portion of Redondo Beach at 1708 S. Catalina. They have 8 craft beers on tap and about 50 available in cans or bottles. On top of that they have a very good food menu. We usually have a pretty nice turnout at Sophie’s and since this will be the last official Business & Beer there due to our change in formats please consider stopping by if for no other reason than to thank them for their support.

Since we are changing our format beginning in July, if you are not on our mailing list or following us on Facebook you should do one or the other as there will soon be no more weekly reminders; they will be monthly. Continue reading

Beachwood flight

A flight from guest brewer – Beachwood Brewing & BBQ

First things first, happy American Craft Beer Week. In case you did not know and want to start counting, this is the 8th Annual American Craft Beer Week and it runs from May 13-19th.

Last week, Business & Beer returned to The Brewery at Abigaile in Hermosa Beach. The Brewery at Abigaile is the only brewpub in the Business & Beer rotation and it happens to be a personal favorite of mine, so I always look forward to these gatherings. As luck would have it another of my favorite local breweries, Beachwood Brewing & BBQ from Long Beach, was doing a food pairing with Abigaile; so we were fortunate enough to have two great breweries under one roof. We are lucky to have two brewers of this level so close in proximity and willing to work together.

Our turnout had fewer than expected, however we did have two new people join us that came as a result of our association with Meetup. Unfortunately, there is no way that we can utilize Meetup to get more members, so we have to rely on people finding us. As a result, we are going to let it do whatever abandoned Meetup groups do (we cannot delete it); if we get an influx of new members we might revive it.

Meetup group photo

Enjoying a little Business & Beer

This week, Business & Beer will be returning to Alpine Inn at the Alpine Village in Torrance. While the Alpine Inn is a German gastropub, they have some very nice and hard to find American craft beers in their cellar, so you never know what to expect. They have good German dinners as well as happy hour snacks, so come on down and meet us at 6:00 PM. We usually have a pretty large group there, so bring lots of business cards.

The photos from our Meetup at The Brewery at Abigaile can be found on

Please join us for Business & Beer a small business networking event which will be held at Sophie’s Place on June 20, 2013 at 6 PM. Sophie’s Place is located at 1708 South Catalina Avenue Redondo Beach, California. Please RSVP by commenting below that you will be there or let us know on our Business N Beer Facebook page .

Logo for Sophie's Place in Redondo Beach

Join us at Sophie’s Place at 6 PM on June 20, 2013

Business & Beer returned to the Tortilla Cantina in downtown Torrance last Thursday for another business networking event. This was our fourth appearance at Tortilla Cantina, a taco bistro/gastropub that serves up to 40 different beers on tap and touts 18 varieties of tacos. We did not have a very large group with us, but did have a few people come up to find out what we are all about. Hopefully, some of them will find our group interesting enough to join us again. We are still using Meetup until our membership expires, but no one showed up as a result of our efforts with them. If you know someone that wants to take that group over, have them contact us.

Tortilla Cantina flight

A tasty flight from Tortilla Cantina

This Thursday, May 9, we will be returning to one of my favorite places, The Brewery at Abigaile, in Hermosa Beach. The Brewery at Abigaile is currently the only brewpub in the South Bay that we include in our weekly rotation of Business & Beer venues. To refresh your memory, a brewpub brews their beer on location and serves upscale food. The Brewery at Abigaile does it in spades and sets the bar for brewpubs in my opinion. This week will be extra special in that Abigaile is doing a cross-over event with Beachwood BBQ & Brewing in which they will be pairing four of their beers with Chef Tin’s creations. This will be a fun evening of business, beer and good food. They open at 5:00, so if you want to come early, we will likely be there when they open.

Free beer winner

It is as easy as dropping in your business card!

The Business & Beer networking group is quickly approaching one year of weekly gatherings. Since we started in July 2012, we have had a Business & Beer meeting every Thursday except for Thanksgiving and the first Thursday of April. It has been a learning experience and we appreciate everyone that has come out, whether you are a regular attendee or if you only joined us for one or two meetups. We are going to start doing things a little differently beginning in July, so come on out and find out what we have on tap (no pun intended).

Please join us for Business & Beer, a small business networking event which will be held at 1321 Downtown Taproom Bistro on June 13, 2013 at 6 PM. 1321 Downtown Taproom Bistro is located at 1321 Sartori Avenue Torrance, California. Please RSVP by commenting below that you will be there or let us know on our Business N Beer Facebook page.

Logo for 1321 Downtown Taproom Bistro in Torrance California

Join us at 1321 Downtown Taproom at 6 PM on June 13, 2013