Tortilla Cantina

Please join us for Business & Beer a small business networking event which will be held at Tortilla Cantina. on November 29, 2012 at 6 PM. Tortilla Cantina is located at 1225 El Prado Ave, Old Torrance, California. Please RSVP by commenting below that you will be there.


logo of Tortilla Cantina

Join us at Tortilla Cantina at 6PM on November 29, 2012

Business & Beer met at Tortilla Cantina in Old Torrance last week, which was our twelfth meeting and our first visit to Tortilla Cantina. Tortilla Cantina is a “taco bistro” that offers 18 varieties of tacos and has about 35 different beers on tap. As will happen when dealing with rotating taps and micro breweries that frequently provide half kegs, sometimes taps run out; and apparently there were a couple instances of that happening Thursday. Luckily, when there are 35 taps available, you can run out of a few and still have plenty to choose from.

beer board at taco Cantina

A few options from Taco Cantina

We had another very nice turnout, with about 20 people showing up, including three first time attendees and a couple returning for the second time. Someone asked me what types of businesses are being represented at these gatherings and so far they have included real estate agents, insurance agents, IT people, an engraver, a couple inventors, Internet marketers, mobile app developers, window washers, lawyers, financial planners and more. We have a pretty wide spectrum of businesses attending, so if networking is an important part of your business success, you might want to look into joining us one Thursday to check it out.

This Thursday we will be returning to The Rockefeller in Hermosa Beach. The Rockefeller is a gastropub which means they serve food and other people’s beer. In fact, they have about 25 different beers on tap and they sell flights that you can create yourself, or ask your server to make one for you. This will be our second visit to The Rockefeller and if you have never been, you will want to join us; they have very good food and there are several specials going on Thursdays, so come down and enjoy.

free beer winner

Our raffle winner for week 11

I would like to remind everyone that our full schedule of upcoming events is always posted on the front page of and we have a Facebook page to help you keep in touch. You can also sign up for our mailing list on the front page here which will notify you whenever a new post is made on this site. Also, please feel free to bring your significant other to our events. Part of the reason we promote this is that we understand the importance of family and think it is probably a little easier to get out of the house for a beer if you bring them along. So, build your business and your relationship at Business & Beer. You can see all the photos from Business & Beer at Taco Cantina on

The 4th Annual LA Beer Week is almost upon us, and Business N Beer has some great meet-ups happening to coincide with the event. LA Beer Week is actually an 11 day event which begins on September 20 and runs through September 30. So far we have three Business & Beer events scheduled.

Thursday September 20, Business N Beer will be meeting at The Brewery at Abigaile in Hermosa Beach. This will be our second visit to Abigaile and since it is the first day of LA Beer Week, the timing could not be better. I happened to drop by there over the weekend and had the opportunity to talk with Jed Sanford (owner) and Brian Brewer (head brewer). Jed informed me that they have several specials planned for that evening with $3.00 pints, deals on growlers fills and specials on their clothing line. Brian told me that he is working on a few new brews, so if he does not join our group this time, it is because he was up early working on his new creations. Their beer menu has changed since our last visit, so I am sure I will be getting a flight so I can try them all.

On Friday September 21, Business N Beer members, friends and family have been invited by Otto Radtke (General Manager) at Alpine Village to attend their 45th Annual Oktoberfest free of charge! We are meeting at 7:00 PM in the patio area of the Alpine Market, which is directly across from the Alpine Inn and across the parking lot from the beer tent. To take advantage of this you must sign up. Please visit our Facebook page to get your name and the names of any guests on the list. If you have never been, you will have a great time.

Thursday September 27 Business & Beer will make our first visit to Tortilla Cantina in downtown Torrance. Tortilla Cantina now offers about 30 beers on tap, with most of them coming from local brewers. You can find more details on our Facebook page and on the front page of We look forward to seeing you there.