Set up Business & Beer at Strand Brewing

Business & Beer at Strand Brewing Company

The March 2015 gathering of Business & Beer was held at the Strand Brewing Company tasting room in what was likely the last time we will meet at that location as Strand Brewing’s Conditional Use Permit to move to a much larger location was approved. We had a small group of regular attendees as well as a new visitor and we had a couple people come by to see what Business & Beer was all about. One of those people was Nikki of Nikki’s Atomic Oven, who came bearing gifts in the form of some tasty cookies. We hope Nikki becomes a regular attendee; if she brings cookies that is just icing on the cake.

The April 9 gathering of Business & Beer will be held at The Dudes’ Brewing Company in Torrance. This will be the second time we have visited The Dudes’, the first time being back in August when they used Business & Beer as a soft open for their new tasting room. Things have changed a bit at The Dudes’ in the past eight months, including bringing in a new brewer so it should be interesting to see what is happening there. We start at 6:00 PM and stick around until at least 8:00 PM; if the group is large enough we have been known to stay later. As it is a microbrewery they do not serve food but you are welcome to bring food with you. We sometimes have pizza available but it is not guaranteed, so if you are really hungry you might want to stop and grab a bite before coming. Be sure to bring business cards for our drawing and for handing out.

Business & Beer is the informal business networking group with no rules such as mandatory meetings or dues. You do not need a special invitation to bring your friends; everyone is welcome. Bring your business cards and a willingness to network, we will provide the people to talk to as well as access to some great local beer. You can see all the photos from our March gathering at Strand Brewing on Cheers!

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