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Ready for Business and Beer

On Thursday, July 10, Business & Beer returned to Torrance’s original production brewery, Strand Brewing Company. Historically we have some of our largest turnouts when we visit Strand Brewing, but July’s meeting fell short of what we have grown accustomed. While the group was significantly smaller than expected, we did have at least one first timer and a couple returnees. When our groups are smaller it does give attendees the ability to learn a little more about each other and what they bring to the table as far as business is concerned. The next time they come to a Business & Beer gathering they will not feel like the ‘new guy’ since they did get an opportunity to meet a few people already.
free beer winner

Chris wins a free beer at Business & Beer

Our August gathering of Business & Beer will be held at The Dudes’ Brewing Company on August 14 at 6:00 PM. The Dudes’ Brewing Company is located at 1840 W. 208th Street in Torrance. If you have heard that The Dudes’ do not have a tasting room yet, you heard right. The Dudes’ were granted a Conditional Use Permit back in May and are slowly working their way to making their tasting room a reality. I guess one might say that our Business & Beer gathering will be a soft soft-open for them. While I am not entirely sure how many beer options they will have available this should be a fun gathering, especially for those of you that have yet to visit the brewery itself. It is a very impressive setup; I think you will enjoy yourself. Judging by the responses we have received thus far, this should be a very well-attended event. We hope you can join us.

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