Smog City Flight

Business & Beer at Smog City Brewing

Last week, Business & Beer welcomed Smog City Brewing Company to the rotation of South Bay brewpubs and microbreweries we visit. Smog City officially opened five days earlier, on May 18, so we felt honored to be able to bring our group there so soon after they opened. We had a pretty respectable turnout, with this being the first opportunity many had to experience. Located in Torrance, Smog City Brewing is the newest microbrewery to open a tasting room in Torrance, and as you can tell by the photo above, they brew a very wide variety of beers. They are a welcome addition to the South Bay and as a regular addition to the Business & Beer schedule.

group photo

Business & Beer with Smog City Brewing Co

This week, Business & Beer will return to The Rockefeller, a gastropub in Hermosa Beach. For those that have not come here yet, if you get there early, you might look to see if there is any free parking available in the back. They offer about 25 beers on tap, have really good food and have specials when we are there; combine that with the fun people that are eager to meet you and hear what you have to say, it is a great reason to come on down. We usually have a pretty good group when we meet there.

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