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Thursday, September 6 was our ninth meeting of Business & Beer and marked our second month of holding these events. This was also our first return visit to a brewery, brewpub or gastropub and it was Monkish Brewing in Torrance that received that honor. We had a medium sized group, but considering the DNC and a couple other events were going on at the same time, it was a nice turnout.

For those that did not make it, we have been invited by Alpine Village to attend their Oktoberfest as a group, for no charge. Your name will need to be on our list so if you are not following us on Facebook, this would be a good time to do it so you can sign up and learn more details. Currently we are deciding between September 21 or the 22nd. Go cast your vote.

Raffle winner

Mike wins a free beer

Our next Business & Beer will be held this Thursday, September 13 at Strand Brewing Co in Torrance. This is a return visit to one of the fastest growing micro breweries in the South Bay. This is a brewery that has something for everyone, whether it be an amber or an IPA. As it is a micro brewery there is no food, so you are welcome to bring food if you wish. There is plenty of free street parking available and you are encouraged to use that. As usual, all the photos from our visit to Monkish Brewing can be found on

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