Week six of Business N Beer found us at El Segundo Brewing Company (ESBC) in El Segundo, CA. ESBC is a micro brewery that specializes in ales and produces one of the best IPA’s in the South Bay with their White Dog IPA; at least in my opinion. As far as attendance was concerned, there is no question that this was our smallest turnout, but we did have a first time visitor and those that showed up seemed to enjoy the $5 flights that were made available to us.

El Segundo Brewing Co

El Segundo Brewing Co, Blue House Ales

Since Business N Beer does not have mandatory meetings it is expected that some events will have more than others. When we take into fact that we are still very young (only six weeks old) and that El Segundo is the furthest away of any gathering we have had to date, we are not going to be discouraged if once in a while the attendance numbers drop rather than constantly rise. As the summer season winds down, there are numerous reasons why people may not be able to come to every event. We may decide later to change our format to once or twice a month, but for the time being we will continue with the weekly gatherings. I have spoken with enough of our regulars to see that there are some that really look forward to the weekly meet ups; and I know new business is being done between our members.

Beer winners

Phil wins a free beer

Our next Business N Beer will be held 6:00 P.M. Thursday, August 23 at Alpine Inn, which is at the Alpine Village in Torrance. Alpine Inn is a German restaurant that has about 20 beers on tap, with a mixture of American craft brews including a few from our local brewers. They also carry several European drafts, so this will give you an opportunity to check out the difference between a European pilsner and an American one, if so inclined. Alpine Inn also has a nice menu including a very nice schnitzel and strudel. This is a great location to bring your significant other and make it a date night. Alpine Inn is located at the 110 and 405 freeways, so it is freeway close for anyone that wants to attend and there is plenty of free parking available.

Be sure to sign up to our mailing list and Like us on Facebook so you can keep up with where we will be next. We continue to find new locations, so come discover some new craft beers and make some new business with us. As usual, you can find the photos from our event at El Segundo Brewing Co. on GotBaddog.com

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