The Business & Beer networking group met at the Monkish Brewing Company tasting room for their August gathering; it was another successful gathering with close to 15 people participating throughout the evening. It was an interesting evening for us from a personal perspective as it caused us to think back to 2012 when we first formed Business & Beer. In those days we might bring 10 or 20 participants to a gathering and other patrons would come up to ask what Business & Beer was all about. At our August meeting we had about 15 participants and I would be surprised if anyone outside of our group even realized we were there. Monkish was packed; like a line out the door packed. We were lucky, and thankful, that Monkish had saved a table for us so that we had somewhere to congregate. We will have to see if this becomes a trend around the South Bay; we may want to consider changing our meeting date to the second Wednesday instead of the second Thursday.

Our next Business and Beer will be held Thursday, September 10 at the Smog City Brewing Company tasting room. Arguably one of the best craft breweries in Southern California, Smog City is pretty much guaranteed to have something for everyone to enjoy. Our event begins at 6:00 PM and goes on until 8:00 PM. You do not need a special invitation to participate or to bring friends; it is encouraged. Just bring your business cards and a willingness to network with others. Smog City Brewing Company is located at 1901 Del Amo Boulevard in Torrance; we hope you will join us.

One last thing; on September 3, our Growler Level Sponsor in association with Flights Beer Bar in Hawthorne will present a 40 Tap Takeover of South Bay craft beer featuring 10 South Bay production breweries: Absolution, Strand, El Segundo, Smog City, Three Weavers, The Dudes’, King Harbor, Phantom Carriage, Monkish and Cosmic Brewery will all be represented. There is no admission charge, but there will be a ton of giveaways. You can save 10% on your food and beer purchase by presenting the craftbeerguy mobile app. It is free and available on iTunes and Google Store/Android. This is going to be something that has never been done before. 40 taps all dedicated to 10 South Bay breweries. Come be part of history.

You can find all the photos from the Business and Beer at Monkish Brewing Company on Cheers!

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